One done, onto the next one.


People say that the first step is always the hardest. I wouldn’t say that the first day of my project was hard, but it was a first step. 

I did manage to cut out a lot of my common technological habits today, such as checking my many various social networks, news feeds, and emails. I did have to jump on myself this morning though. As soon as I woke up this morning I found myself reading my breaking news news feed. I stopped myself immediately once I realized what I was doing. Instead I turned on the news on the TV and just listened to it while I got ready for work. 

On my way into work, instead of listening to Pandora or my music on my phone, I listened to some talk radio and my favorite radio station 105.5 The Bridge. I picked up the morning paper, hot chocolate and a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. While I was starting out my day at work I read probably more of the news paper than I ever have. When I was in high school I read the news paper a little bit but not a ton. I really only read the sports section and the comics. I have to say, even though now with all of our modern technologies and apps for every little thing in our lives, there is just something about sitting down drinking a hot cup of coco and reading the news. It’s almost become nostalgic.

I carried on through my day only using my work computer. I will say I did pick up my phone a couple times through out the day and just found myself looking at it. At first I had no idea what I was doing. It made me laugh honestly. I knew I wanted to check my feeds and notifications that I had missed, but could not and would not.

Along the way home I continued to listen to some sports radio and kinda just zoned out while driving. It was nice just kinda driving. Usually I jam out a lot to my music. You know, sing along to the songs you know and dance to the ones you don’t.

When I got to my parents condo, I worked on a YouTube for my church and finished reading this article on the Nuclear Plants in Iran.

Before I go any further let me tell you a little about myself.

When I was younger I was never really that tech savvy. I played my Nintendo 64 like any kid my age and played with my army men a lot. I was a pretty typical boy. I did resist new technology for some reason though. I remember it took me forever and a day to finally give up my cassette player for a CD player. When my parents asked me if I wanted a cell phone when I was about 13. I totally declined and told them that I had no use or desire for a cell phone what so ever. A year later they made me get one. I was a little more open to it but still kinda hated it… for about a minute after I had it. Once I had my cell phone in my hand, something happened to me. I became completely indulged in my phone. I played games on it, texted my friends, and just messed around with it. When it came time to move away from my CD player and move on to an MP3 player I was still a little stand offish about it. But I quickly caved and decided to get an iPod nano. Needless to say I have an incredible music addiction now. Ever since then I changed completely. I became fascinated with new technology. I dove head first into all this new technology. I will say though I was a bit late to a lot of the parties. 

I didn’t join Facebook till after I graduated high school. And then I didn’t get my own computer till that summer before starting college. once I got my computer I just sat on it for hours going everywhere on the internet. Watched hours of YouTube videos, stumbledupon 100’s of new websites, and listened to an endless stream of music. Since then I have become quite tech savvy in many different fields of technology. My work even prefers talking to me about issues with their computers and phone than our IT department. My parents are no exception to that. Since I become so tech savvy I’ve needed to help out my parents and family with a lot of tech issues with phones, tv’s and computers. It’s gotten to the point that every time I see them I always work on their computers and update their iPads. I have no issue with it, I actually quite enjoy it. When I was a sophomore in college I did a social networking experiment to see how many different social networks I could keep up with on a daily bases. I got up to 28 social networks before frying my brain. Even in a lot of my classes that let me have my laptop, I started to learn code and write a little bit of code instead of pay attention. No worries though, I graduated. 

So with my parents being in town for thanksgiving, I knew I had a lot of work to do when I got home from work. So far I’ve set up 2 new iPhones, updated 2 computers, fixed the TV in our living room, and answered many technical questions. I have yet to use my phone or iPad though. Even though I’m only using my phone for phone calls and my iPad for reading my books, I still think its a win for the day. I’ve really enjoy not being on my phone a ton. It’s given me a lot more quality time with my family. Isn’t that a part of the reason for Thanksgiving anyway? Bringing families closer together. 

I have always enjoyed the holidays. Christmas time has always been my favorite holiday. Ever since we moved to Charleston, we’ve made it a tradition to make it back out to Texas to see our extended family during either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Each and every year we’ve gotten back together has been an adventure. This is year is no exception I’m sure. They came out here to see me though this time, so for Christmas I’ll be in Dallas with the whole family. 

Even though I could not totally stay away from technology I have made the first step. I have many more steps to take but look forward to each and every one of them. 

If you need to reach my please call me. I’m trying to use my phone for only phone calls as best I can. 

Thank you all for your encouragement!

Day one is in the books.


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