So far… So close…


Greetings everyone!

First I want to say that I hope each and everyone of you had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed the time away from the axe grind. I know I sure did.

Quick Update

So far I’ve made it through my first week of cutting down on relying so much on Technology and growing my self and my walk. I’ve been getting the daily paper in the morning instead of reading my news feeds. Been just enjoying the sounds around me instead of having my head phones in all the time blaring away music. And I’ve started reading a ton more which I am so happy for. I may be picky about my books but I do love reading.

I must admit, with my parents being in town last week for Thanksgiving, I did use my computer and my phone a good bit. Not so much though for checking my social networks or browsing the news feeds. I mostly used them to provide entertainment for us as we hung out and to help show them how to use their new phones. And I must admit also, that I did splurge a bit yesterday when I got my TV back. My friends had found themselves glued to it way too much and insisted I take it back. They saw my point in what I’m trying to do. I mainly watched some new Netflix movies they had recently added and watched The Office. I finally got one of my best friends into it and I was so stoked.

Starting back today though I put it all aside again so I may continue on my journey to growing myself.

Progress is slow and most of the time never happens in the way you want. But one way or another, you’ll get to where you want to be if you really believe and keep treading on.

I tread on.


So close is finally here! December. CHRISTMAS TIME! 


For those of you who do not know, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Of. All. Time.

I totally change around this time of the year. All year I look forward to the cold air, the twinkle of lights, resounding holiday music, sweet taste of hot chocolate, and the crisp smell of a fire.

Don’t get me wrong, May is still my favorite month, but Christmas time is my favorite time.

I am generally, or try to be, a joyful person through out the year. But once December 1st hits, I explode with Joy and excitement. I’m a full on Christmas nut.  Like buddy the elf from the movie Elfkinda Christmas nut. I really just get overwhelmed with Joy.

There is a really great feeling that surrounds Christmas. It’s a time for celebration and joy. Thanksgiving, Christmas’ awesome neighbor, brings us all together as family, whether you are related or not, and humbles us to be thankful for not just what we have, but for each other. Christmas time is the time to celebrate that joy and thankfulness with that family. It’s a time to show each other that you really do care for them. Not just through gifts, but spending that time with each other and cherishing it.

Now what I don’t like is how Christmas time has been taken so much over by businesses and media. I hate the fact how businesses push the fact that you have to show how much that special person means to you through what you get them as a gift. I always refer to The Office episode in Season 2, Christmas Party.


Jim and Pam, aka Jam, are my two favorite characters out of the whole show. They both love each other but for the first 3 seasons they just aren’t in sync. In this episode Jim gets Pam for secret Santa. He goes all out and make here this incredibly thoughtful gift, which also plays a huge part in the series finale. But Michael being so hard headed and wanting the center of attention goes out of his way to try and make it a wild party. He even brakes the rules and goes over the $20 limit to buy an iPod for his secret santa recipient. He then turns things upside down by making Secret Santa into Yankee Swap (also known as White Elephant.) Once he does that, everyone goes for the iPod. Leaving Jim’s special gift to be taken by his counter part, Dwight. Michael then tries to brighten up the mood with 15 bottles of Vodka.

Michael: Will this be enough to get 15 people plastered?

Store Clerk: (Pause) 15 bottles of Vodka. Yeah, that should do it.

This does pick up the mood of the party but he kept pushing for everyone to have a good time and be the center of attention and ended up hurting peoples feelings. Nevertheless, in the end the right gifts get to the right people and Pam gets to open her gift from Jim, except for one thing which I will not spoil. You will have to just watch all of The Office to find out.

My point.

Michael represents big business and mass media and how they push Christmas. They’ll push for you to buy the biggest and best thing to show up everyone else. They’ll push you to be greedy on a time of year for giving. And lastly, they’ll push you to believe a false joy and forget the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy. It is the time we as believers celebrate our saviors birth and the beginning of his journey to complete his Father’s work.

He humbled himself from being this almighty Son, to being just like one of us. He came at a time where Children were being killed to try and prevent him coming. Mary and Joseph journeyed in harsh conditions and gave birth to our savior in the lowliest of places. Even with everything against his birth, he came to save us. The angels rejoiced in his coming, Kings laid down their crowns before him, and common people came to welcome our savior into this world.

It is fine to celebrate the season and spread joy, but don’t forget why we really sing and dance at this time of year. It’s a time of celebrating our saviors birth and spreading his love and Joy through out the world.

Remember, that the little things are often the biggest gifts. That a smile can go a long way. That gifts are not just for the Christmas season.   That our savior came here to save us from our sin. That is the reason why we celebrate this Christmas season.

Spread that Joy and Love in your hearts. And even when things seem impossible, remember:

“For nothing is impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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