First post…. No pressure..

Girl in Progress


So, after much consideration and procastination, I finally decided to start a blog. Hopefully this will land me with zillions of followers and I can become a famous author on the cover of a book, wearing a spiffy pantsuit with shoulder pads. You know you’ve made it when you are wearing shoulder pad pantsuits. Anyway, in all seriousness, I couldn’t decide on a main focus for this blog so it’s going to be a little of everything: Outfits and makeup I wear, books, movies, and plays I review, poetry I love, and my life and the awesome people in it (if anyone cares enough to read about it…We’ll find out…). For instance, this week I’ll be finished with the book I’m reading, Paper Towns by John Green, and I’ll be writing a short and sweet review about it! Prepare for a lot of Instagram snaps of pizza, Starbucks, and…

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