Thank goodness I’ve never asked those kinds of questions to someone :p

Elizabeth C. Gai

Okay, I’m really not sure why lists are so popular on so many blog posts today but I feel obligated to participate. I also wouldn’t want to constantly give blog updates about my own life and bore everyone to death, so here we go:

The Top Ten Weirdest Things Guys Say to Women (in hopes of catching her attention) P.S. These are not in any certain order:

1. “You got a boyfriend?”
-What really bothers me about that question (especially if it is the first thing that comes from a man’s mouth when he spots me) is that, usually, when I reply “yes” they run away as if they cannot even be seen as being polite to me if I am already taken. “What’s the use in even being friendly if she won’t get with me?” Right? NO WRONG.

2. “You have the hottest mom ever.”
-Gross. Just gross.


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