Catching Up: Before.

The Patio of my new apartment

The Patio of my new apartment

I think it’s very easy to lose track of time. We all seem to do it at one point or another. It can happen when you’re getting lost in the world of a book. It can happen when you go camping for a week. It can happen when you work at the same place for several years. Time just has a way of slipping by us some times. I think sometimes time can be unfair in that sense. That a moment can pass us by like the wind on a spring day, and at other times it can last longer than a old oak tree. Time serves no one. (Except for The Doctor but even he struggles with it at times.)

With that being said, to me, it feels like it’s been a lot longer since I regularly posted on here. I think that I can attribute that to this past year of my life. The year I took a break from school. I posted on here during that time for a while but there is still plenty you missed. 

You should know that I lost track of time writing this. :p

Prior to the whole cutting back from technology thing, I graduated college on May 4th, 2013. It was a day with mixed emotions, but over all a good day. I decided that I wanted to take a break from school for a year for a few reasons. One being that I was not quite settled on what I wanted to get my Masters Degree in, and the other being I was just burnt out on school. So I went full time at the Honda Dealership and worked pretty steadily throughout the summer. I really enjoyed that summer. It kinda kicked off what the rest of the year was going to be like. I felt, free. I took my best friend Kyrstin to see the band Paramore. They rocked. I also got to go to plenty of her two younger brothers’ soccer games. (I love soccer very much and love getting to see friends of mine play the sport.)




Paramore @ The Fillmore


Quinn and Casey on the pitch.

Quinn and Casey on the pitch.

Spent as much time as I could at the beach. I had moved into a new apartment at the very end of April and it was such a blessing. I had been wanting to live in that exact spot for years. It was in the most central part of everywhere I went and could want to go. That meant I could ride my bike a lot more. I used to ride my bike to the park on James Island and just enjoy the day there. It was just such a place of peace for me. I was able to really become more of a leader in the youth group at my old church and was able to help out at church more often.

Headed to Folly Beach

Headed to Folly Beach


Bike ride to the park with friends

At the end of June we had a mission team come to our church to help us with some projects and Vacation Bible School. That was a great week for me and for our church. I got to meet an awesome group of young believers and gained some very good friends that I frequently chat with even today. I got to see my family and especially my Dad for his birthday. I got to travel a lot after my parents moved to Texas. I enjoyed it.

iPhone pics and vids 11-18-13 005

Week of VBS with New Life Baptist Church


Texas Hold ‘Em with my family


Headed back to Charleston

I saw a few other concerts that summer. Even got to see Jars of Clay, a band I had not listened to since I was young. My friend Grace, one of the fiends I was blessed with from the mission team, came out with a her first album and I immediately bought one. She’s an amazing artist, a definite must listen!  I also got to be a part of a local social media marketing company I had been a huge supporter of for a while. Although my stay at the company was not long, I loved every minute of it. By the end of the summer, I got to see two great friends of mine get married. I had been friends with them for quite sometime in college and it was on honor to get to photograph their special day.


Jars of Clay @ The Music Farm


Grace Coleman “Point of Grace” just came in!


New Job, New Suit.


Tim and Linoscha #weddingoftheyear

Unfortunately the summer time had to come to an end and many of my friends went back to school. I thought things would over all slow down, but I was wrong. I found that being able to work during the day and have my afternoons off, I had more opportunities and free time.  I read more and got to work on learning more interesting things. I got to go see Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Stellar Kart, and Audio Adrenaline.


Grace Potter @ The Performing Arts Center


Finally working on new music

Probably one of the coolest things, to me, that I got to do was drive cars onto the ice during a Stingray’s hockey game. I felt like a VIP to be honest. I got to drive brand new cars, got to get behind the net and on the glass, and was even escorted by security once to where I needed to go. I got to do this for a solid week with a few of my close friends which made it all the better.

iPhone pics and vids 11-18-13 035

Stingray’s Hockey!

Although working at a car dealership may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I made working at Honda my own. Since I didn’t have any school work to do, I could give working at Honda my all. As weird as it sounds, I loved working there. I had fun working there. I even got to come to work dressed as Superman for Halloween. I can be a competitive person at times. Maybe competitive isn’t the right word. I think driven works better. I used to love working 12 hour days at Honda. To many that can be a dreadful thing, but to me it was an opportunity for me to go the extra mile.

Halloween at Honda

Halloween at Honda

Although there were plenty of things going for me, I felt like my walk with God had become stagnant. I found myself watching YouTube videos and checking twitter more than getting into The Word. I felt like I wasn’t growing. I knew that I didn’t want this disconnect with God. So I decided to step back from things for a while and open my self up to him.

This began my journey without technology.

From this point you can go back and read about the journey I went on during that time by clicking on the link above.

Thank you for reading if you have made it this far. I was originally going to just write about things that happened after that journey but I though you deserve to know what was going on before hand. A Prequel. My next post will be about what happened after my journey without technology. Like you want to sit here and read a 3000 word blog on some guy’s life over the past year and a half. I constantly have to remind myself, “Brec, you’re writing a Blog, not a novel here man!” I tend to ramble when I write. Yikes! I’m over 1000 words.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. (You know the rest) ^_^


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