Thank goodness I’ve never asked those kinds of questions to someone :p

Elizabeth C. Gai

Okay, I’m really not sure why lists are so popular on so many blog posts today but I feel obligated to participate. I also wouldn’t want to constantly give blog updates about my own life and bore everyone to death, so here we go:

The Top Ten Weirdest Things Guys Say to Women (in hopes of catching her attention) P.S. These are not in any certain order:

1. “You got a boyfriend?”
-What really bothers me about that question (especially if it is the first thing that comes from a man’s mouth when he spots me) is that, usually, when I reply “yes” they run away as if they cannot even be seen as being polite to me if I am already taken. “What’s the use in even being friendly if she won’t get with me?” Right? NO WRONG.

2. “You have the hottest mom ever.”
-Gross. Just gross.


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You’re Still Here!

Well… I think the real statement should be, “I’m Still Here”. Ha ha.

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Yes, I still use this thing. I’m very sorry that I haven’t kept up with what I had set out to do originally with this blog, but isn’t that Life. You set out to do one thing and then BAM, something completely different happens. Well that’s kinda what’s happened here, again.

For those of you who have not been reading on since last year allow me to fill you in on what’s been going on. I’ve had this wordpress account for some time now and just last thanksgiving I decided to finally put it to some good use. I’m a very tech savvy kinda guy to cut it short. I decided to take a break from (almost) everything technologically related that I used in my life. I wanted to do this to really help myself grow closer to God, but I also wanted grow more appreciation for the little things in my life. The journey it self went on for about five weeks, although I know did not document that much on here. If you would like to read the part of the journey I did document, just start reading from Here onward.

I know I have let those of you who do read my blog down by not filling you in on how the journey ended. So I shall tell how it ended up.

I believe it was around the mid part of December 2013 when I finally ended my journey.  The major things that I saw change in myself were my dependencies and my over all out look on things.  Prior I had relied on technology for everything. At the end of my journey I found that I was not all that drawn to go back. I preferred reading books over watching stuff I had seen a million times on Netflix. I enjoyed physically meeting up with people to chat about things instead of turning to my phone to send them text messages.  Most importantly, I really got a hold of how vital having a deep relationship with God is to my life. It’s something I can’t live without.  I can’t remember a time where God wasn’t an important aspect of my life. Although my personal walk has become stagnant a few times, God remains a vital part of self.

I set out to gain more of an appreciation for the life God has given me. And that could not apply more than today.

Today is my 24th birthday. I am almost a quarter of a century old! I’ve thought a lot about where God has brought me this past 24 years. I had several fantastic year as well as several hard years. I couldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for His grace. God has blessed me with some many friends and family I hold so close to my heart. He’s blessed me with so many new opportunities and paths to take. If it was for Him, I would have surely been dead before ever reaching my first birthday. Out of all this gifts I have received these past 24 years, His grace has been the greatest.

I plan on making a few more entries on what’s been going on since February of last year.  I had originally written that in this blog but decided I should separate it out due to the fact I wrote over 1,000 words


So stay tuned for more! And keep this quote in mind when someone says they plan something.

“The pirates codes are more like guide lines than actual rules.” – Pirates of the Caribbean

ultimate office throwdown

I knew the reference to each one of these but only got like 5 right xp guess I’ll just have to watch the entire series of The Office again…. ^_^/

Susane Colasanti - Blog

Think about the things you’re obsessed with. Now narrow them down into categories (books, music, shows, movies). What’s your #1 show? For me, it’s The Office. I should note that My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, and Dawson’s Creek are included when it comes to my hardcore fangirl obsessions. I should also note that I ranked #1 in the Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge back in the early days of Facebook. Okay, I was only #1 for like a day (this Australian girl was always beating me with her scary knowledge of everyone’s license plate numbers and birthdays). But still. My obsessions don’t play.

You know how you feel a sense of ownership with your fave show? Like no one could possibly know anywhere near as much as you do about it, including those super obscure details you only know because you froze the screen to read that address/note/flyer? That’s…

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First post…. No pressure..

Girl in Progress


So, after much consideration and procastination, I finally decided to start a blog. Hopefully this will land me with zillions of followers and I can become a famous author on the cover of a book, wearing a spiffy pantsuit with shoulder pads. You know you’ve made it when you are wearing shoulder pad pantsuits. Anyway, in all seriousness, I couldn’t decide on a main focus for this blog so it’s going to be a little of everything: Outfits and makeup I wear, books, movies, and plays I review, poetry I love, and my life and the awesome people in it (if anyone cares enough to read about it…We’ll find out…). For instance, this week I’ll be finished with the book I’m reading, Paper Towns by John Green, and I’ll be writing a short and sweet review about it! Prepare for a lot of Instagram snaps of pizza, Starbucks, and…

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the love of your life

Beautiful view of happiness from an AMAZING author.

Susane Colasanti - Blog

Happy NewYorkiversary to me! Nineteen years ago today, I moved to New York City to start a shiny new life, build my dream career, and find love. Not just any love. True love. The love of my life. I’d always had a Knowing that soul mates were real and I was determined to find mine. New York City was actually my first true love and the inspiration for my upcoming City Love trilogy. All these years later, I still feel the city love every single day.

Tribeca rooftop, New York City

Growing up across the water in New Jersey, I knew New York City was my true home. I could feel the pull of this magical kingdom even before my first visit. New York is a place where everyone is free to be exactly who they are. No more feeling like an outsider. No more feeling like I needed to escape. When I finally…

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I’m Back/It’s been a while/Update/One on One/I couldn’t figure out a title

Hi! My name is Brec and it’s been a while. 

I believe the last time I actually wrote something on here was… well I really don’t remember, but that in itself should tell you that it has been a while. Too long of a while if you ask me. 

Just to fill you in on what’s been going on:

  • Parents came out for Thanksgiving and I got to spend some good quality time with them again. 
  • FINALLY GOT A PENGUIN HAT AND SONIC SCREW DRIVER AND A DOCTOR WHO T-SHIRT! (probably my favorite gifts from this past Christmas. Thanks Best Friend and family!)
  • Got that cough back again that I had last year. But I got rid of it pretty quickly this time.
  • Flew out to spend new years with my parents and the whole family!
  • Built my first hog pit
  • Cooked my first hog.
  • I turned 23.
  • Got to FINALLY go to a Passion Conference in ATL with great friends. 
  • I’ve been growing more spiritually and letting God really break me and mold me more.
  • And gaining more ground on getting into a grad program

I think I’ve had a good start to a new year so far. Really just putting it in God’s hands and letting him work in me and show me what he wants me to do. 

This brings me to what has inspired me to write again tonight.

I’ve kinda secluded myself for a while now. But I’ve done it intentionally. Let me explain.

Back around Thanksgiving I went on a technological hiatus. I didn’t watch netflix, check my social networks, text, any of that for about a month. What I wanted to do was not only gain an appreciation for those things, but to really clear out the loud noises and listen to what God was trying to tell me. And I got my answer.

I found that after I cut out everything and was focusing on what God was trying to tell me, I heard silence. Which you may think is not an answer at all, but in fact is the exact answer had for me. 

That silence told me that I needed to seek him deeper.

Already I knew that I needed to get deeper into his word, which is something I have been doing more of and it has made things a lot clearer. I also needed to work on my prayer life more and being more connected to God consistently. So since the year began I started do more of that and seeking God more.

Going to Passion 2014 in Atlanta really helped with that. I got to spend a weekend away with two awesome friends of mine. A lot of times you got to those kinds of conferences or event just because of the name or the people that are going to be there. But the real reason I wanted to go was to get deeper into God’s word and to open myself up to be broke by God. And carrying on after Passion, I’ve been doing that still. And in that, I like to kinda be alone.

I’ve never minded be alone, by myself, lone wolfing it, whatever you want to call it. And most people really don’t mind being along with themselves. The thing that people don’t like is being lonely. Growing up an only child kinda helped with that fact about myself. When I want to think or have things on my mind, I like to be alone. Those of you who have known me a long time know this about me or have at least seen me wondering around aimlessly. (sometimes I am thinking and sometimes I am just wondering around aimlessly.) During those times I don’t go out or make big plans with friends. If I do go out, it is to go out and think or listen. 

I still remain there for those I care about, but I stay to myself. Sometimes that can come off as short or like I don’t care, which is something I’ve had to explain and work out in the past. Overall, I do it to focus on things and to listen. 

If I have been in anyway like that to you or have made you feel like that at all, please don’t think that I don’t care about you or pray for you. I just am comfortable being by myself when I need to think about things and am working on things.

I think a some people seek things from God in the wrong way. A lot of the time we want things pretty instantaneously. So when we pray to God we want and hope to get a clear answer pretty soon. And when we don’t we start asking God, “Do you mean this? Do you mean that? Is this what your saying? ANSWER ME!” That’s not the the way we should be asking God for an answer, especially that last one (which was supposed to be comically speaking).

When we don’t get a clear answer, we don’t need to start questioning God. Instead we need to remain still and listen. We need to seek him deeper and listen to his Word. I’m not saying to not pray for something consistently, but to consistently seek him for the answer. It says in the Word to keep knocking on that door for it will be opened. When it is open we may not get an actual answer, but God may be standing at the door wanting you to come in for the answer.

That’s what I have been seeking. For a while before, I sought out an answer when instead I needed to seek out him. I learned that and it has really made things a lot clearer. I have clear eyes, and a full heart.

I have a calmer heart and an open mind. I’ve been broken by God and now I can really feel him molding me more and more each day. 

I want all of you to know that while I am still being molded and listening for God and embracing being alone with God, I am here for you. Being a friend is one of the most important things to me. I take it to heart. So if you need anything, anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Just say the word, and I’ll be there.